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To Buy Extra Virgin olive Oil Online

If we randomly asked this question to someone: Have you bought any product online in the last week? We would probably say that the answer would be yes, 90% of the time. 

This is a reality, especially after the pandemic year we have been through. We are no longer afraid of buying anything online. From clothes, to a camera, to (of course) our shopping list.

Aceite de oliva

It is true that there are still some nostalgic people who need to smell and see what they are going to put in their mouths. We are with you, it is a joy to enter into a local market and come across those stalls full of food, with their aromas and colours. 

But hey, don’t tell me that sometimes it’s not more convenient to be able to enjoy a wide range of products at the click of a button, especially if they are hard to find.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

And that is precisely what we offer you here, and in our online shop Jamonarium. For over 40 years, we have had a wide selection of the best gourmet products in Spain, selected with love and dedication, so that you don’t have to search all over the internet.

At the beginning, we did it from a small shop located in the district of Gracia, and now, we continue to do it with the same commitment, but modernized, so that you can enjoy our products from anywhere in the world. 

sobre aceite oliva virgen extra

The most important thing when buying any food product online is trust and security. And this applies to Extra Virgin Olive OilsYou must buy certified products, and in establishments that have a close relationship with the producers. 

We, for example, make sure that the stocks have been kept in a suitable place, not having been exposed to light or heat, which could have affected their quality.  

In addition, we also have a wide variety of very good products and an unbeatable price range. We are aware that your budget is not always the same, that’s why we have different options to suit your pocket. 

We try to make your choice easier, including all kinds of information that might be of interest to you, but if, for any reason, you still have doubts, we are at the other side of the screen to help you solve them. And we also have a telephone (if you’re a talkative type).

tipos aceitunas aceite oliva virgen extra

In short, we are telling you this, because if we have been offering you the best products for so long, it means that we are doing it very well, or at least that is what our customers who have trusted us for so long think. 

Our mission is clear, we want to help you discover the best extra virgin olive oils and, of course, to be your trusted gourmet shop

Will you join us?


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At Jamonarium we have been experts in Iberian and gourmet products for over 40 years. We send our olive oils and all our gourmet products, including Spanish ham and cured meats.

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