There are many types of olive oils, classified by the variety of olive, where they come from, smell, taste, color … However, the four most common and that we will meet at our usual place of purchase, are:bodegon

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil

Pomace Olive Oil

The differences? We present them here:

Virgin olive oils and extra virgin olive oils are processed by extraction methods, mechanical methods and centrifuged. With these process most of the olive oil properties are preserved. The difference between the two is that the extra virgin olive oil quality is highest and should never pass 0.8º acidity and the qualified tasting note must be at least 6.5. By contrast,  the acidity level of the olive oil is allowed to 2 and the minimum qualified tasting note must be 5.5. Still, the difference between them is minimal.

Our third classified is the olive oil, it loses the name of virgin because it could contain to a maximum of 90% of refined oil. This olive oil comes from the remaining olive oils of the previous mechanical processes. They are olive oils that can not be consumed for its strong flavor and to get them fit for consumption, chemical processes are employed.  The remainder comes from virgin oil.

Finally, Pomace Olive Oil is the lower quality oil fit for consumption. It is the residue of the ground and pressed olive, to be applied to a variety of chemical solvents in order to extract the olive oil remaining. It is refined and mixed with virgin olive oil to make it fit for consumption.