Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To know everything about our extra virgin olive oils and their types. Extra virgin olive oil with Designation of Origin and made with Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca and Manzanilla olives.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oils available come from different parts of Spain: Toledo, Córdoba, Almería, Tarragona, Jaen and Cáceres. Our extra virgin olive oils can be of different types depending on the type of olive that is used: Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca, Cornicabra, Manzanilla, Coupage or organic.

Más Tarrés Extra Virgin Olive Oil

mas tarres extra virgin olive oil

Más Tarrés (Olis Solé) olive oil comes from the area of Camp de Tarragona. Its olive oils have the PDO Siurana distinctive and are Arbequina type.

Type of olive

type olive oil

The different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil may vary according to the type of olive with which it has been made. This will determine the flavor of the oil and its possible uses.

Venta del Barón Extra Virgin Olive Oil

venta baron extra virgin olive oil

Venta del Barón extra virgin olive oils are considered among the best in the world. These oils come from Córdoba and are of coupage type.

olive tree extra virgin olive oil
origin olive oil

The Origin of extra virgin olive oil

Ancient Greece has left us a myth of how the olive tree appeared. They say that there were two candidates to put their name to the capital of the Hellenic empire, Poseidon and Athena.

The Oracle of Delphi decided to give this privilege to whoever gave the city the best of those present. Poseidon gave a river of salt water and Athena created the olive tree. Of course, Athena won and the olive tree still being¡ the symbol of all Hellenic and later Roman culture. Olives juice was extracted from the olive tree and it was called extra virgin olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the olive oil categorized as of the highest quality. There may be differences in the types of olives, varieties of olives or the production area of the oils.

extra virgin olive oil

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At Jamonarium we have been experts in Iberian and gourmet products for more than 40 years. We send our olive oils and other gourmet products such as ham or sausages.

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Aceitarium’s Blog

In this blog you can find out everything about extra virgin olive oil. Everything you need to know about its varieties, properties, origin and possible uses of EVOOs, among others.

Olive oil and cholesterol

Olive oil and cholesterol

WHAT IS CHOLESTEROL? Cholesterol is an essential fatty substance for our liver, as well as our food. This implies that when the food has a high cholesterol value, the risk to suffer from cardiovascular diseases increases. OLIVE OIL AND CHOLESTEROL ... Olive oil helps...

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The olive tree in the old civilizations:

Whereas in Africa, vestiges of sheets of olive tree of the Middle Paleolithic (54.000 av. J-C) were discovered and what in Spain, the oldest fragments, dating the period of the Neolithic, were found taken out of the nest near Almería. Today still, the mythical story...

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Olive oil in Italy

The culture of olive tree in Italy is mainly in regions of Puglia, Sicily and the region Calabria or in a lesser extent in Tuscany, Ombrie, and Ligurie. Italy is the second producer of olive oil in the world behind Spain, this is mainly had large spaces devoted to the...

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Olive oil and cardiovascular diseases.

Many studies have shown the strong link between the phenomenon of atherosclerosis and eating habits. Its evolution depends on several elements. The most important consequences are diabetes, increased cholesterol levels, high blood pressure or even smoking. In...

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The culture of the olive tree in Spain:

The story between the olive tree and Spain began from the colonization, at the end of the thousand-year-old 2nd av. J-C, of the Mediterranean Sea, by the Phoenician. At first, the phoenician culture was of low influence, but at the end of the VIIth century av. J-C,...

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The various forms of the olive oil

The cultivation of olive trees allows the production of olive oil, however an olive tree doesn’t produce only one variety of olive oil. Indeed there are several varieties of olive oil: -           Extra virgin olive...

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