When we talk about organic Olive Oils, we are no longer talking about a growing trend among a group of people with exquisitely natural preferences. No, we are talking about an increasingly extended reality, which is already part of our daily life.


We are becoming more and more aware of the impact we have on our immediate environment, and as is logical, we are increasingly demanding what are known as organic or bio products. If we talk specifically about organic Olive Oil, we can easily see that there are more and more brands that produce with the utmost respect for farming and promoting its sustainability. 

But what are the real differences between an organic oil and one produced in the traditional way? We will tell you right now.


Ecologic Olive Oil

Organic olive oil production system 


In Spain, the number of hectares dedicated entirely to organic production is increasing. This means that the commitment to this type of product is on the rise. 

When we talk about ecological, organic or bio Olive Oils, we are talking about an olive oil whose production process has respected the best environmental practices, in which no pesticides, plaguicides or chemical fertilizers have been used, and in which responsible use of resources has been made, always adjusting to the possibilities offered by the land. In this type of Oils, also, special attention has been paid to the process of olive ripening, harvesting and extraction. 

This does not mean that other EVOOs are worse, you can find extraordinary Olive Oils produced in a traditional way, but hey, organic Olive Oils have that natural touch that the others do not have. And that translates into quality, flavor and health.

Mas Tarrés, Oro del Desierto, Rincón de la Subbética, Cortijo de Suerte Alta, or Marqués de Prado. These are some of the best organic Olive Oils in the market that you can find in our online store. Where we guarantee the authenticity with its corresponding labeling, including the seal and numerical control code required by the European Union for this type of products. 

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