cooking with olive oil

Cooking with olive oil some advice :

Firstly before cooking with olive oil, you have to choose a good olive oil. Indeed it has some elements :

– A little bit or not of fatty acids

– Fatty acids which are heat resistant

You have to know that olive oil is the only one which is usable for to cook, indeed it’s the only one which is heat resistant.

Then olive oil can be used easily in a salad, and the taste is very good.

There is not only the taste which has an advantage in cooking with olive oil, its fat has indeed a lot of benefits for the health, including cardiovascular.

So we recommend cooking with olive oil. This one can be made by different way :

– First of all pure way, that is to say in salads for example.

– Then in cooking hot food.

– Or for frying.

All this ways to cook will make your dishes rich in taste thanks to an olive oil well selected.

We can use it in a marinade, seasoning, or in the baking.

Its use is not only reserved for cooking meat, it can be used in a lot of dish, it just find the adequate dosage for an unique taste.

Its fruity taste will transport you nearly olives.

The advantage of olive oil, it’s that it can be used with meat or fish without problem.

Cooking with olive oil have important medical virtue, like the reducing the risk of cancer or heart diseases.

In conclusion, we can say that olive oil has a lot of advantages, firstly and the most important its taste, well balanced olive oil give a fruity and bitter taste to food. This taste is very pleasant. Then its medical properties aren’t negligible. Olive oil can combine the useful with the pleasant.