The fabrication of Extra virgin olive oil is a much more complex process than we can imagine, indeed there are really a lot of steps to follow before you really get the precious liquid.

Fabrication of Extra Virgin olive oil in Spain

Fabrication of Extra Virgin olive oil in Spain

To obtain olive oil, there are 4 important steps :

– The first phase is named « preliminary operations » this phase aims to prepare olives which was harvested to olive tree for the next steps.

– The second phase is named « grinding » it is to break the cell walls of olive to make olive juices out. The product obtained is called the pulp.

– The third phase is named « extraction of oil must », this phase aims to separate the liquid phase which is called water-oil emulsion, of the solid phase which is called pomace.

– The fourth phase is named « separating oil and water », this phase aims to separate components obtained in the third phase.

This process is used to make the best oil in Spain, the Extra Virgin Olive oil.

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