The designation of origin “Montes de Toledo” is extended into 103 municipalities from northernwest Ciudad Real to southernwest Toledo.

"Montes de Toledo" Olive Oil

“Montes de Toledo” Olive Oil

This olive oil is protected under Designation of Origin certifications (D.O.) called “Montes de Toledo”, which should follow the rules especified in the D.O’s tender specifications.


This olive oil “Montes de Toledo” should follow all the rules specified in the tender specifications, from its production, covering the harvest, the product’s characteristics, transformation and its conditioning.

Before any D.O., it is important to ensure that this olive oil respect all the rules specified, supervising the production area and even trying the oil. After different fundation regulity board of Montes de Toledo D.O, if the rules have been followed, this D.O is assigned to this oil.

This Foundation was created in 1998 and is the organization which controls the D.O. “Montes de Toledo” as well as guarantee its quality certification for the customer.

Harvest and production area:

"Montes de Toledo" Olive Oil

“Montes de Toledo” Olive Oil

The pick up is done between january and february to consume along the year. This olive oil is produced using “Cornicabra” olives.

Its production is placed at Centre of the Iberian Peninsula, in the Toledo Mountains, a mountain range more than 54500 hectares big with this sort of olives.

Traditionally, the olive oil productors were little familistic societies or cooperatives, which contributes to pay more attention to produce a high quality olive oil.

This olive oil is well-known for having extraordinary quality and flavour, adquired thanks to the weather and pedology conditions according to the olive trees natural needs.

The oil:

The obtained olive oil may have different colours, from dark green to gold yellow. Is characterized by its fruity flavour, spice and a bitter touch.

Its production is done at low temperatures and the production is done by humans, so it contains all its flavour.


This oil is perfect for cooking!

It can be differently use depending on the aim of use. It can be used for salads, different sort of sauces or to empower the flavour and taste of your meals.

Moreover, the olive oil is one of the main ingredients of the “mediterranean diet” per its characteristics, so it has natural antioxidants and it is rich in fatty acids and vitamins. This oil is a basic to maintain a healthy and embalanced diet.

From a healthy point of view, this oil helps to prevent cardiovascular and other sort of diseases since it helps to regulate cholesterol, among others benefits.