Olive oil, health informations

Olive oil, health informations

An idea received would that olive oil is good for health, this idea is true. However, we must not believe that the only olive oil consumption is good for health.

But its consumption causes positive effects on health but there are misconceptions about the effects on olive oil, here is these effects :

–           You should know that is the best oil for health, it’s better than all the other oil for health.


–           A lot of people think that olive oil has a beneficial effect  on the cholesterol, what is wrong, olive oil has absolutely no effect on cholesterol.


–           Olive oil is useful during a diet, but its only consumption during a diet is not useful for making a quality diet.


–           Olive oil is useful for the cardiovascular system it’s a fact, but as a system its only consumption really has no effect on the cardiovascular system.


As noted the olive oil has positive aspects for health, but its only consumption is not sufficient for to be very useful for the health.