Olive oil in Arab culture : origins and recipes

Olive oil in Arab culture : origins and recipes

The origin :

The origin of olive oil is hard to explain because it’s very antique. Indeed, the olive oil has more than 4000 years, and we may find works explaining more about the olive oil more than 6000 years ago.

The civilisations which bordered the Mediterranean had known the olive oil’s origin, so its climate is suitable for the cultivation of olive tree.

Olive oil is strongly developed in the Arab countries, which origine was therefore the demand of olive oil. The fact that the Arab countries could produce olive oil, allowed them to develop their internationa trade.

The origin of olive oil in the Arab counties is due to the fact of its productiong, which is highly developed and each time more and more countries want olive oil products.

The recipes :

A lot of recipes are based on olive oil, which have emerged in Arab countries. One of the main recipes is the traditional Arabic bread, made with olive oil and it is very weel-known in the Arab countries and culture. Another recipe as known is the Moussaka, made with olive oil.

A lot of recipes typical are made with olive oil, each time more.