It’s important to first know that the Cretan are the biggest consumers of olive oil by people and by year in the world. Each resident consume about 30 liters, unlike to the french people who consume about 0.5 liter, this is a huge difference.

Antique Crete was very religious, olive oil at the start hasn’t for first goal the culinary side, but rather to honor the gods.

Residents of Crete worship without limit to the gods, and a lot of ceremonies in favor of their gods were implemented.

Then olive oil was a business asset definite for Crete, indeed while needs of life didn’t exceed 2,000 hectoliters, some stores had up to 10,000 hectoliters of olive oil. It allowed them to export much olive oil and make it to the most important in Crete.

The other cult by Cretan is the health. Indeed according to them olive oil would a lot of prolific virtues for the body. That was proved since.