The 3 toppest olive oils to give this Christmas

The 3 toppest olive oils to give this Christmas

To give something different and original is not easy, so we want to help you. We give you a tasty and different idea: to give olive oil.

To distinguish among all the types of olive oil is a hard job, and identifying its different shades may become crazy. We will help you to chose, so here we make a proposal about the three best olive oils to give this Christmas.

1. Venta del Barón: The oil Venta del Barón is the most top olive oil. It has numerous and important recognitions, like the best olive oil worldwide. With origin in Cordoba and containing the essence of the Andalusia (In fact, it has Priego de Cordoba Denomination of Origin recognition), this olive oil has I touch of apple and almond, making it even more special.

2. Oro del Desierto: This is the perfect olive oil for ecological food lovers. The oil Oro del Desierto is done using olives from ecological cultivations and cold-settled. Considered one of the best ecological olive oils worldwide, its strong nuances and medium-high intensity will make this oil one of your basics.

3. Extra Virgin olive oil Reserva de Familia, from Casas de Hualdo: This olive oil is a mix of 4 varieties, making its flavour unique. This olive oil is manufactured in Toledo, at the basin of the Tagus River. The weather conditions of this area in Spain help to have an abundant and high-quality crop, obtaining a premium-quality olive oil which has numerous recognitions worldwide.

Those three olive oils are among the best currently existing. If you don’t know where you can find those olive oils and many more, you can buy olive oil online here.