Since Antique Greece, numerous peoples introduced the olive tree within their community. Today this tree has an international dimension, with various symbols, according to civilizations.

In Antique Greece

The olive tree was considered as being a symbol of peace, victory, glory and wealth. Moreover, during the Olympic Games, the ancient victorious athletes received, as reward, a crown in olive tree branches. Furthermore, the Greek had and always have an expression including the olive tree: ” we eat some bread and olives together “, what indicates a strong friendship. Finally, this tree also symbolized the allegiance according to the Ulysses’s famous history and Penelope, but also, the longevity and the hope.

From antique Rome to modern Italy

In this time, the olive tree was an offering of Athena (goddess), who became a symbol of success, victory and peace. During the annual parties, the one who taken away the sports test had the honor to receive as reward, a crown of olive tree branches and a barrel of olive oil.