France is the seventh country producing olive oil in the world. Even so, production is very scarce, barely covering 3.5% of French demand. The areas producing olive oil in France are in the regions of Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence. “Le Var” is the main one, with an extension of 22% of the total olive trees planted in France. At the moment it has 5 Regulatory Councils of Denominations of Origin of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The main varieties of olives for the elaboration of olive oil are:

  • Tanche
  • Picholine
  • Bouteillan
  • Salonenque
  • Verdale
  • Aglandeau
  • Lucques

The salient aromas for these varieties are dry almond, artichoke, cocoa for the variety “aglandeau” and vanilla truffle.